The Fed has come up with a new program to help the Americans. Bật tắt sẽ it successful or not can only be determined over time. The Obama administration has declared an Additional $ 3 billion of relief funds for homeowners who are unemployed những. These funds sẽ Helping the homeowners to avoid Foreclosures and Save Their Homes.

$ 1 billion sẽ used for loaning the unemployed homeowners who are at the verge of facing foreclosure. Housing Agencies and non-profit Distributing này sẽ loans. With a 0% interest, the unemployed homeowners sẽ loaned for an amount of $ 50,000 each, mà sẽ thích for two years. This program is known as Homeowner Emergency Loan Program.

The two billion dollars còn lại sẽ Supporting the unemployed homeowners in the states that are badly hit by unemployment. In a previous program for này hard hit states, the Government released $ 2.1 billion. Were the states Asked by the administration to put forward a proposal on how chúng sẽ dùng money. This two billion dollar addition sẽ expanding this program to 17 states in total along with the state capital of the country, where, the rate of unemployment went skyrocketing and exceeded the national average.

What is there in store for the Americans sẽ disclosed only after the programs are implemented only after a significant time and has crossed. Until them, it seems that the foreclosure problem Easily Will not end against the homeowners and Will Continue to Suffer. The main reason for this is the negative equity accruing on Their properties, vì of the depreciation of the market values of the properties that currently own and cũng vì chúng of the fact that the U.S. economy is hit badly by the problem of unemployment, mà the major cause of rising Foreclosures in the country. Tuy nhiên, the Prospective homebuyers sẽ enjoying a Reduced pricing for the homes nào the lenders are preoccupied thử Dispose off.

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