"A top ten thousand" is a masterpiece of the teacher yun. In my opinion, a work, in particular, the novel is good or bad, that it is not the number of awards given by the number of flattery, but to read it in the reader, whether the scene will be reproduced of experience. Here allow me to use the college class, language arts and writing teacher once described with a thick and black as a key way - scene reproduction. In my opinion, in the reading process can produce scenarios reproduce people, some more or less split, or a dual personality and the like, If I have to highlight some of the art, that is, a range of child art. Otherwise, would not be so put to indulge them. As when I'm talking about Stone inadvertently college a year and a half of all elective courses with audio production-related art because I particularly like the children the truth norm.

So, saying so many useless, is to explain, "a top ten thousand" is particularly good for a book. If, now popular book, are concerned about high society, or the underworld, or the people themselves of the world, then the focus of this book has become a combination of micro-and macro-product of the. To say a word to find a person, Miss Moses, which is later Luozhang Li, Yang Baishun former is, of course, can also be called off many of his other name, can escape the reality of one another, and these realities are he can speak to people looking to do out of the self. Niu Jianguo, Wu Moses lost is the son of that daughter, Miss Moses, in the absence of any genetic inheritance on the basis of Moses and Wu was able to take a similar path, and leave a super-invincible in the final reverie, the author intended Ask the person wandering, one after another to escape reality.

Although they have a reason to emphasize the particular sub great-grandfather, great-grandfather of the gene but not pure blood, is to show that even so, even if others are two different places of the stranger, could fall into a similar fate. This is not owed because of past life on behalf of the younger generation to come to pay, but because people get good luck, this person can be any one of us. Every family has called upon the cupboard, and if these are put out by the Health Warning, I am afraid not have any new tricks to play.

Although I still do not understand why the use of a top-ten thousand to as the title of the book, but I guess many do is because the description or good or ill, or active or passive, or hear a talk about then it can change someone's fate, because Huabutouji, words can even say a word not on the top of the Ganchangcunduan or commitment or response word, and can completely destroy a person's career or achievements? If so, this sentence is indeed very appropriate, but always a number of the top ten thousand has the fate of some colors.

This is the legendary harmony, a bit like black and white Yin Yang Eight Diagrams compatible with students in the meaning. A few days ago, there was respect for my elders showed me an old lan as "hatred, and the solution must be" hatred in my opinion, and the solution will be, that is about and different, and the struggle , and while the contradictions of the truth, it is because of this "not and" the existence of such "and" is mobile. So, you have to give "and" add a comment, will be personality, then this "and" should be fluid. Because it is fluid, it can, and the solution.

Of course, the image of the fluid is to say, for argument for the popular, and that is to be resilient. This is like a calm sea will always be numerous below simmering, as this is the difference between the sea and lake. The so-called sea always been used to describe an individual's inclusive, not to say that this individual and apathy, are sympathetic, but said that the individual can and solved. This means a single individual who either, but also refers to the international spread, or global communications group. The lake bottom is firmly bound to sit through that kind of an insight, and then a big lake can not withstand large waves, the waves would not be large.

Should return to the book, then, the founding of the last cows have to find you think can best be described as words that "jet space", who are left to the reader's suspense. And this includes the thousands of suspense in the outcome, if the results regardless of which can only be answered by miserable characters, it can only say, whether Moses or cattle Wu Jianguo, hatred will never know the truth and the solution. The book describes the resulting situation is not surprising.
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