Quality Education in China is just a show

For "not doing volunteer and teacher qualifications," and warned by the police in Guangxi, the long-term support in the Chinese volunteers to teach the German Luan Ke their Chinese blog shut down, and may be forced to leave China!

To support education in rural China for nearly a decade of Luan Ke, the volunteer teaching career can be described as rough, Germany, in 1999 he returned to Guangxi, the County of Hechi's middle school had a school teacher, because they can not raise student test scores, parents have opinion, the school expelled him. Later, he came to the the poor Hechi County Lan, rural school in the remote cutting Donglan strong village school board, when the 10 years in the countryside. He taught ten years in Guangxi, the school has never received a penny over wages, cost of living in his annual three or four thousand dollars by their parents as far away as Hamburg, Germany, offers, monthly expenditure does not exceed 200.

Lu Anke's why Supporting Education bumpy road? When a 10-year rural teachers, the school did not take even one point, he can not get salary a Teacher, the local government not only failed to provide the necessary help, but to threaten Luan Ke! Will Luan Ke as a scourge? Because Lu Anke ideas of education and the quality of existing education in China should promote contrary to, or because he offended the whole of China's education system, he is the whole of China against the current education system. The education system must take him out away, if allowed to him, would destroy the integrity of the education system.

As far as I know believe in a Waldorf Luan Ke, it emphasizes a natural education of children is to comply with nature, with relatively few external constraints to children in the compulsory nature of the state to grow. This is a new philosophy of education in the country there are many people in the Waldorf School was founded. In Chengdu and Beijing have, this is definitely the direction of quality education! Lu Anke do not think that every student achievements for the city, "knockout." Students can not adapt to impossible to participate in and feel empty, they will look for such as Hong Kong can bring their experience in video gang world. If you can not not meet the performance to "knockout" in the way of better education of students, they can not solve the problem of violence in schools. In order to avoid different students, between the different talents, not fair, "knockout", Luan Ke requirements for students not on the results, only for attitude. To enable students to recognize each other can be different for each person, he does not do evaluation. In order to avoid the phenomenon of exclusion and despise each other, he made something special care to students, especially those most broken, most incomplete. Cities have a lot of people want to do together to persuade Lu Anke "big." In his view it is completely false, as the TV played out the same. Carried out in a big city to help poor rural activities, how is this possible? In order to leave the rural countryside? Fine in the big city to do some presentation materials on the poor? This is unrealistic. He chose to remain in rural areas, allowing farmers to participate in their own lives. He said: "China's education is not for children", I do not understand why my students, I hope I just let them do hundreds of millions of people have the job title to find the answer? Rather than design their own bridges really need? If I give the students some of the results is that they never find a new, others have not found anything. My students, only to find their new way of thinking, their lives can be changed. "In his view, if a person can not find the task of his life, but also can not participate in other things, on what can be done. If you can not find your life mission can only be based on the opinions of others, ideals and values to to do things that would affect his interest and quality.

He organized students to use imagination and creativity to do some design work for them from thinking too fixed standards, such as in village organizing students to design the bridge to build, to put the things in life as learning opportunities, from the needs of the environment students.

In his view, the city needs to spend a lot of time and effort to resolve personal life, we must work for money, to sell out their ideals to the people who do publicity work. So he chose the village.

Adhering to the child's nature, in the natural state are growing, the child's full potential, encourage children to find their new way of thinking. The essence of quality education is not free! However, for many years in the promotion of quality education today, this can really be like Lu Anke very few teachers I am afraid! Today, the quality of China's education system is examination-oriented education in China and the United States under the guise of education! The so-called quality education but an external, just show the world the beauty! Trend of education in China today is the world to those who have to score, missing scores in the loss of everything! From primary to high school, teacher education students think of the move in this direction, do not value their own way of thinking of students, admitted to good schools in order to score as the standard, divided honors classes and poor classes, and do not care about student self-esteem and confidence! Era in the above results, the students do not live up to the expectations of parents and teachers, immersed in study, efforts to suppress the adolescent manic and thought impulse! Teacher's ratings of performance as the standard, the school ratings of the performance as the standard, the experts on TV talking about the passion of the debate was how to improve children's performance, filled with a variety of advertising tools to improve performance, pharmacies pendulum full of all kinds to meet the child nutrition supplements, shelves full of book shelves are a learning tool! The SAT score is good or bad has become the only standard to measure the students! While children in other areas of development, although there was reference to official documents, the actual can be negligible!

In such an era, the students for their own doom the future of reading, some teachers can improve students good results, he Lianshengsanji, as an example teachers, some schools are Gaokaoshangxian rate Great, so students constantly resounding fame, and some reference books to improve student achievement is very effective, it will be greatly increased sales, publishers are making plenty of money! Education is so utilitarian look! Children all pale and thin, the rigidity of thought!

How to promote quality education for so many years, our children really get? Lost? Our country really is for children and promote quality education, quality education or the knowledge that a magnificent performance only! Luan Ke things in the body, I was filled with emotion! I thought, if Lu Anke understands the essence of China's exam-oriented education in order to score the only criterion, the results for the sole purpose of improving children, estimated that he is now first to appreciate either the parents object, or is the smooth-talking TV experts, the book can make him plenty of money, why should we worry a Teacher do? Fear the threat of local government it! Thus he not only Luan Ke it!

Education is more important is to train people, not just to nurture talent.
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