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How much heart, as big as the stage! Chu in "Tamkang mind" about, if the girl must get married, I married the sun and the wind in today's day and there is no duty-bound. Look it, this nerve weather, beginning no ill-wishers, a strong wind blowing for no apparent reason, my skirt Liao De Lao Gao is the motive. In fact, ah, the quality of this purity, to go, only that vast talent and unyielding as the phase I promise life. What a beautiful word, White View original (live)
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How much heart, as big as the stage!



Chu in "Tamkang mind" about, if the girl must get married, I married the sun and the wind in today's day and there is no duty-bound. Look it, this nerve weather, beginning no ill-wishers, a strong wind blowing for no apparent reason, my skirt Liao De Lao Gao is the motive. In fact, ah, the quality of this purity, to go, only that vast talent and unyielding as the phase I promise life.

What a beautiful word, changing Right. Perhaps that is the moment depicted in this Lichtung season it. Guren Jiang, Spring and Autumn, I felt the spring flowers will be welcome, autumn leaves swept the world for beautiful things is to leave a helpless feeling of sad nostalgia. From another perspective, the fall is also a year of hard labor, while the real harvest season, a symbol of harvest, a symbol of reunion.

I was alone in the love that cool blue autumn sky, crystal of and deep. Light clouds, days away. Solitude with everything, good with.

Autumn is the more flavor the north, the leaves of plants going to turn into a Section golden leaves. Remaining branches are still green with some late summer swagger of sadness, the ground has been stacked layers of leaves from the warmth. Parasol trees, like the palm of your hand warm, pick up a piece, a trace of the sun, a star spot. Only dare narrowed his eyes, raised his face toward the warm sun.

Campus, the children won a stack of thick leaves to scatter into the air, like rain, like his whole body covered with a happy and was showing a mouth missing teeth. Pick up leaves, and sway out. This simple game, but he never tired.
Early autumn chill has come not so tight, unlike the late autumn, the cold wind that makes it feel desolate. The name of the elderly Tai Chi in the park for exercise. There is an old saying not to say that the elderly are the sad winter, as long survive a long winter, so they can life extension long, long time.

Like from the autumn of gratuitous, it is because yesterday was a confused fog in Beijing's rainy day. The whole night long stretches of rain, today is warm sun make important and urgent.

Recently read an online article called "Art is a kind of faith", the above said, "This is two years, to 'text', beginning with the words seem in decline, 'Green Man' from 'literature lovers 'into a non-pragmatic, not friendly, do not share the edge of the small molecular mass synonymous;' culture 'in many cases become Irony, it seems that' no culture 'than' culture 'is more worthy of showing off, quiet, proud;' art 'is unrealistic romantic symbol of the general attitude towards life, and even' civilization 'is also a face-lift in some context, the meaning potential ridicule rather ashamed of the meaning of irony. "

How ironic was it that said, ending the four young women art: Widows and Orphans, Lala, a monk, stepmother; literary outcome of the four young men: masturbation, tears, do gay, crime.

Now who advertised himself as young artists or small to be classified as a refreshing innocence do not fly lomo camera fantasy white sneakers, or is the battle to defend the Diaoyu Islands to participate in 69 various sensitive holy words of the angry young women will be always. If the wrong team on the NC, the residual brain. Curse to your art, literature and art are proud of your family; bother you, but to say, do not use a literary tone and talk to me, God can not stand.


In fact, this thing is art, it is NC thing. Nice. Of course, Starbucks did not say you can not read Salon story, did not say you do ring tones far to the force of the Divine Comedy. But the impetuous circle has blurred the network simply too much interpretation of the concept. Hibiscus Xifeng a class to fame in the network in addition to a strong network behind the promoter who also missed a number of Internet users to follow suit.

This time, it seems to hype themselves vulgar, vulgar limelight is the quickest method. Heat up recently in the horizon of events in full swing Satsuki month spread. I remember a few years ago the horizon, above the cattle were really men, warlords and Commander of the community. Zatan forum a profound and objective speech to win the respect of many Internet users, entertainment, gossip forum, of course in a spirit of ridicule the world of entertainment in Vientiane. Focus on social issues, the comments of many public events are quite credible.

End of the World posts but now more and more water paste, more and more vulgar stunts to gain more popularity, more hits.

Tell me what were booing in the audience, watching the clowns on stage harder, more Xiasan Lan performance, and finally agents just quickly disappeared, leaving behind what is it?

You can say hype this, never so, do not seriously plan a fun, why should you and labeling you do a serious attitude whitewash their more noble, more like a lofty soft hitting.

But on the door of Satsuki, to body fat, the performance of out of line, sex, excrement, waste of life items ... ... these keywords to attract attention, there are going to verify a wide range of test, according to the truth of the incident. I really tongue. Whenever I think of this time to benefit the arts, a book sea drilling. Noise is everyone's, I would not add to the trouble out.

Sometimes, really want to ask ourselves, always said that we are a stingy nation, tolerance is very low, and others we can not be bullied, bullying, the curse let's go back. But these vulgar speculation, shameless gimmick, in which we relish chewing on garbage. Do not know what is the mentality is this?

What happens worship that God of a virtual community like it is people blush. Is this really a true idol is not the age yet? Our powder is that these things do we despise, ridicule vulgar fun yet?

Yesterday afternoon attended the "see the world" magazine to do a small salon, where guests have a columnist I like to Maori. As a rookie, I took a small idol of the disturbed mind to see braved the fog to participate in this activity. In fact, lack of activity itself is silly, the host of the string of words is very short notice, a question from the cold field, but in no way affect my close contact with the author's excitement.

Even if the column is always hard-edged margin, bluster, the mighty leader, many of her views may be extreme, may not be pleasant to the ear, there are many views I can not agree. But seeing her in real life, is still a young girl being reckless and Mensao, capable of short hair, intellectual high heels.

We writers tend to come from the imagination of the judge in her words, in fact, is a writer, the pen, but her world of their own interpretation of a surface. In fact, deep-rooted understanding of our own is not necessarily right. Articles can be pungent, sharp, sarcastic, that does not hinder me in life is a gentle, considerate lady. Write to make a man at another, weak, irresponsible, does not affect me still waiting for a real man to live wholeheartedly.

After the event, encounters in the 75 ° C, she bought rye bread, I bought a favorite tea, chatted a few gossip, talk about the love affair has nothing to do love, on their farewell. I think this is like the kind of far, the best state it. Met, chatted and their leave to continue their lives. This is the fate of warm, light up the dark foggy weather.

Dinner, sitting in McDonald's, the next table are a very young couple, the girls look very elegant, very handsome boy's jacket. Ears on the key words each word is Satsuki, but also joyful smile. Attendants to strike up a conversation, say you this very nice table. Boy casual smile: ah, Longines. The clerk says: quite expensive now. The guy says: Well, it so be it, 30000. And other attendant left, the woman said to the man, you can not low-key points. Boys confidently say, I am low-key, ah, tell the truth, how much how much money. I have not yet add up to my entire body is enough to buy a car equipped with it ... ...

As a humble working people, my hatred of the rich psychological suddenly leapt up. Thought: by, the month when you can not Xiaoyue voice low-key point of what, you wear a white blind with the famous brand, the quality of the case, certainly not his earned, dude. I brought a large cup of cola did not finish, strode a wave of the sleeves, leave the ... ... O (∩ _ ∩) O 哈哈 ~ ~ ~

Alas, life is always so full of contrast was interesting.

Think as Hai-Peng Li said: We can not forever young, forever in your eyes, but still a better world harbor nostalgia.

Small arts students fall I wish you well. Cool autumn when the head has to remember that distant world, we look forward to the blue, this will be nice had.
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