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So mysterious this continue to come from anonymous contributors, thank you for the wonderful submissions again. This translation from the copyblogger's 7 Tips for an Authentic and Productive Writing Process. You are sitting at the computer, facing the blank screen a daze. Seeing a turnaround soon, under normal circumstances should now see the original
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So mysterious this continue to come from anonymous contributors, thank you for the wonderful submissions again. This translation from the copyblogger's 7 Tips for an Authentic and Productive Writing Process.

You are sitting at the computer, facing the blank screen a daze. Seeing a turnaround soon, under normal circumstances, should now be modified in the final, you can own a word but did not move, still tangled how to open the head should be.

This scenario is not particularly familiar with that?

Whenever you concentrate, intended to write something good, but why on the whole body started itching at this time, tickled he did not quiet down. Had to temporarily put aside the idea of writing something, and then afford to buy one: Is this how is it? ! His stomach full of professional knowledge, how a moment like a belly full of waste water into it?

This situation, like the movie "turned something of" who has a dual personality in Dr, Jekyll suddenly turned into Mr. Like the scene when Hyde. I also had this experience.

I used to hate writing

Rather, I hate writing them even to the extreme level of hatred.

Each time a written copy of the task, I will try every means to delay, there is no way to start writing pen to paper. Also expect to get away, and deliberately did not know when their going to write something that children, thought best to luck not to be found, secure in the end waiting for this project to be off the hook. The results, of course, needless to say, must have their own time in the last handful of remaining in his mad rush copy. In this case write something natural than their true level of too much worse.

Inner confidence I did not become a full crazy!

The biggest problem I had writing process is not painful, but not from my heart a sense of self-confidence. This kind of insecurity led to writing when I have to face anxiety and fear, I am afraid to make mistakes, afraid to write ridiculous low-level article, fear that other people do not understand, and so the like. Inner self-confidence brought me no significant negative impact, almost made me go crazy.

Yes, this is the last of me. Can not believe the same person, right? Who in front of the now experienced 15 years of experience in this, too many awards, but also as an international design competition jury of me, and as an inner sense of inferiority, to avoid problems, anxiety, a stupid stupid link it? Differences so great, unbelievable. Indeed, the past is not the inner sense of self-confidence so that they are no reason to screw up a lot of things that caused me some painful memories dim.

Even worse, I have tried everything possible to hide the extreme of writing is not their own self-confidence. I think the reason a series of very blunt, compiled some of the lies to justify openly, to hide the real you. Of course, those lies did not fool stupid people, only further confirmed my what a hypocritical jerk. I was, like, like being a double split personality, and whenever I need to write and they will attack from the moment of his own into a Mr.Hyde Dr.Jekyll

University professor's words completely changed my

The company where I work was awarded to me for a free opportunity to study one semester courses. So, I chose a few training courses, including a writing class taught me made in writing on the proposal, said something to me, that completely changed my words, it is the best I've ever been valuable suggestions and help.

Professor said to me: "speak in their own way to write Write the way you talk."

What? And more! It sounds easy, but doing it do not so simple! No kidding? This is what a liberal idea, ah! Is this simple phrase to help me completely out of no confidence on writing, so I can freely write smoothly. From then on, I no longer avoid writing, but do not fabricate high-sounding excuse to stall the reason, I started writing in his own way, with its own unique language to influence the reader, leaving a deep impression on the reader. At the same time. My writing process has become more relaxed, I began to write their own things, with their own way to write, just write me!

Oh yeah! Almost to cause misunderstanding! I must first declare: "Writing with the way they said" does not mean people can say bad words are usually free to write, can not write the "three popular" content!

I just want to tell you, this writing method to overcome the fear of inner confidence and to evade the problem is not a very good help. It can help you focus on writing, writing greatly improve efficiency. So, how to correctly use the "write in their own way of speaking," this method to guide their writing style, and can help eliminate self-confidence to overcome the psychological, while assuring the article does not write like a fool just in rhetoric it? The following individuals to share with the golden rule - "seven-step fast established law"

1. Imagine yourself in front of a very intimate friends chat

A really good article, reads like a dialogue between writer and reader. So, when you're writing, might imagine themselves and those around us is talking to mind a friend, you have to try to say your mind to tell his friend, so he can understand what you said.

Writing exercise in this way, can enhance the ability to write copy to make more accurate copy ideographic clear, vivid form of expression is more simple, easy to understand. This copy can better grasp the reader's attention. Therefore, this method has been used extensively among the writing sales copy.

2. Their own problems in the statement recorded the words

If you do not know how he is talking, recording is a very useful approach.

Especially with the customer through the phone, next time you explain something to the client when, I remember saying to himself recorded, and then heard repeatedly. (Of course the premise is to ensure that you have recorded the conversations is legal.) If you do not have good recording tool, to tell you one of the most simple way - Skype! It has many good recording plug-in, to find the right download and install, the problem is solved!

3. A deep breath, relax, and then relax, give yourself a few seconds of their time entirely

Writing their own way of speaking, you will unconsciously into the writing of your personal point of view. After all, this is your own way of saying, your English language skills and usage, all this will make you richer article reads your personality characteristics.

During the writing process, the content of support if needed, appropriate in the article might add their own personal experience.

4. More use of everyday language writing

When we use his way of speaking to guide their own writing, you will find yourself starting to be used more in the articles of daily life in the common statement. This is very good! Some people write things like to use the rhetoric, the more ornate the better, patiently, as if anxious to all in classical style, or all of the words used to write Shakespeare. If I were you, reader, I must wait for them to buy a piece of tofu, killed himself forget!

So please, you keep your use of the habit of writing everyday language. This makes your text readable, profound meaning of simplicity among the highlights!

5. The burden of losing it all boxed rules! Writing does not need to complicate!

Writing process, if you will be to mind a variety of writing norms, rules of grammar, writing style, the main active and passive voice, punctuation, half-width full-width, and so the influence of the old rules, and their anxiety and thus more self-confidence. So I advise you may wish to try to put aside all this baggage, anything not even think about, and then start thinking of completely open, write, write what.

The first things that come to mind write them to find their own in which to express the main points, and other things do not look completely. After the confirmation of the main points before they can go back and start modifying statements, paragraphs, drafting and other errors. After correction, the paper aside it Hanging out before it! A dry night, to come back the next day to re-read through the article. Think about what can be modified for improvement, or is it a better view.

6. Look to find a friend familiar with the article

How to ensure that the reader does appear in this article from your handwriting, and absolutely can not be for others?

Very simple, you find a friend familiar with, let him look at the article and then tell you something like this is not like you write. This will help you to keep in writing to adhere to the real you, while you continue to promote improved writing skills.

7. The articles read out loud

Writing tests first hurdle editing test, the first element is to the article read out loud. This article is not enough to smooth the statement and betrays all punctuation errors, one by one the sky. So read my article, special attention suddenly paused, or feel uncomfortable place. Then further revised and improved.

View summary

How to get rid of the fear the heart of the writing? How to make their own copy to write beautiful? Writing his own way of speaking! Learned this method, when you face the task of writing, you will not hesitate to underground document written quickly completed the first draft.

As long as you are willing to write this way, you will find yourself to write faster than ever before, at the same time to write more. Because you are no longer afraid of writing, it was more confident the ground.

Once I was with this seven-step method to guide their writing style, follow the method mentioned a little bit of correction, to improve their own writing, continuous adherence to several years, and now I am the best proof of practical seven-step method!

Once a customer on the phone and I discussed blog content to the topic, she said to me: "Every time I read what you write, no matter on what, from your article between the lines, feeling completely distinct from that of a the hands of professionals. Narrative good choices, the logic is tightly structured clear how to do every time you can keep writing good condition so clear? "

More than just words

Start now, whether you have a copy, or when just beginning to feel a little mean writing, hurried to try it!

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