Notepad GNU

Language: English

License: OpenSource / Install / Applications

Requires: Win7/XP/2003/Vista

Size: 1066 KB


Release Date: 2010-2-1 8:19:02



Product Description

Notepad GNU the text editor designed to be an alternative to the standard Notebook. This application can be found useful by both programmers, for code editing, and all those for whom the good text editor is necessary. This application provides syntax illumination in 55 languages.

Supported programming languages:
ADSP21xx, Assembler, AWK, Baan, CAC, Cache, C#, С++, Cobol, CPM, Css, Dfm, DOT, Dml, Eiffe, Fortran, Foxpro, Galaxy, General, GWScript, Haskell, HC11, HP48, HTML, Ini, Idl, Inno, Java, Java Script, Kix, LDR, M3, Modelica, MS DOS Bat,Msg, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Progress, Python, RCSyn, Ruby, SDD, SML, SQL, ST, TeX, TclTk, UNIXShellScript, Unreal, URI, VBScript, Visual Basic, Vrml97, XML.

Here are some key features of "Notepad GNU":

¡¤ Support for transliteration invertatsii words
¡¤ Creation of bookmarks in the favorites, for the most important documents
¡¤ Exports syntax, import / export of text, or edit existing text in Microsoft Word
¡¤ Displays a window in full screen mode or transparency of the main window
¡¤ Change the file attributes of the program
¡¤ A good tool for working with clipboard, text, and strings
¡¤ Search for words in popular search engines Google, Yandex, Aport, Nigma, Mail and
¡¤ others, or the free encyclopedia "Wikipedia"
¡¤ HTML tags
¡¤ Table of characters
¡¤ Define a file with the attribute "read only"
¡¤ Container window consisting of 4 clipboards
¡¤ Avtosohranie document in a certain period of time
¡¤ Integration into Total Commander (view on F3, for review by F4), Microsoft Internet
¡¤ Explorer, Windows Explorer
¡¤ Print mode WYSIWYG, which allows you to print the listing to keep the backlight
¡¤ code
¡¤ Support for localization of languages
¡¤ Multi-level undo
¡¤ List of last opened files
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