POP3 Collector 1.43

Language: English

License: FreeWare / Install / Network

Requires: Win7/XP/2003/Vista

Size: 3686 KB


Release Date: 2010-8-11 9:32:57



Product Description

This piece of software will collect e-mail messages from multiple POP3 mailboxes and forward them to the SMTP server of choice.

Here are some key features of "POP3 Collector":

¡¤ Supports global mailbox (with failsafe). You can use a catch-all mailbox with your ISP to collect all the mail for your domain. It will be sent to the correct recipient by POP Collector (except when recipient is in BCC field, which is not included in email headers).
¡¤ Unlimited POP3 email account support (maximum supported accounts is entirely dependent upon your operating hardware).
¡¤ Multiple domain support. You can download email from as many domains as you like.
¡¤ All settings are customizeable per POP3 mailbox. You can check the POP3 mailbox at any interval starting from 1 second (though this is HIGHLY inadvisable).
¡¤ Each POP account can have it's own SMTP server. POP Collector can now act as a router between many email systems.
¡¤ SMTP AUTH support (currently AUTH LOGIN, further methods will be added on request).
¡¤ Messages will be retained on the POP server until successful delivery or a permanent error (5.x.x) is reported by the SMTP server. A notable flaw in the SBS POP connector is that it in the event that server hard-disk space runs out, it will actually delete mail from the POP mailbox even though it can't be delivered to the Exchange server.
¡¤ Messages can be kept on the server for any length of time after successful delivery.
¡¤ Mail archive facility. All received mail (whether successfully forwarded or not) can be stored to a folder. This is disabled by default, as the folder can get very large if not monitored (POP Collector currently does no checking of this folder).
¡¤ Will run as a service on Windows 2003 or XP. So long as Windows 2003 Resource Kit Tools are available (specifically InstSrv and SrvAny - these tools also work on Windows XP), POP Collector can now automatically install itself as a service (available from the Tools menu). When loading the UI to configure POP Collector, the service will automatically be stopped, and then restarted once the UI is closed.
¡¤ Full logging with automatic (and configurable) checking of log file sizes.
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