Sleipnir 2.9.4

Language: English

License: FreeWare / Install / Network

Requires: Win7/XP/2003/Vista

Size: 4807 KB


Release Date: 2010-5-28 9:30:21



Product Description

Sleipnir represents the most customizable browser.

Reach the very top of the customize
Sleipnir is made in heaven; you can design all of Sleipnir. Moreover. It is designed to be in response to expectation of Users. Sleipnir can keep up fine operation without waste even if you customize it.

Overwhelming popularity and Record in Japan
During the several years, we create optimized code with user. As a result, we got overwhelming share of Web Browser. Sleipnir, It's the Browser is lined with history and quality.

Fast Plug-in, feel good
Even if you innovate our plug-in, your Sleipnir operate as same as original speed. Sleipnir is designed to operate fast specialized in Windows.

All functions are in place
You can change almost all functions as you want to. It sounds difficult to customize, but it is easy to understand operation intuitively.

Worldwide Standard Tabbed-Browser
It is not a Web Browser any more if it's doesn't have Tab function. In the past several years, Tabbed Browsers are shooting up. You won't be puzzled anymore when you lost tab which you want to see, because Sleipnir has strong Window View and Thumbnail Functions. Good Bye stress. Best Comfort to you.

Loaded with Trident Industry Standard Engine
Almost all Website engaged for showing correctly with Internet Explorer. Sleipnir use same Trident Industry Standard Engine as same as Internet Explorer. So, you can see almost all Website finely. Sleipnir make good role which is "See Webpage with coziness."

Here are some key features of "Sleipnir":

¡¤ It can notify you when RSS is found. It has RSS reader which can be used easily.
¡¤ Cooperate with cellular phone full browser "Jig browser" It realized that can be used even in home and outside.
¡¤ Customizing that exceeds Sleipnir 1.66 by configuration file of XML base.
¡¤ The browser engine is also customizable.(Internet Explorer/Gecko)
¡¤ Most part of plug-in is scribed without using MFC.The low spec machine is operating lightness.
¡¤ Only shaking the mouse right and left can be Undo/Forward.Mouse gesture function is installed.
¡¤ An original bookmark of favorite/Sleipnir of IE is switched by the style file edit.
¡¤ Unicode Full correspondence. Other languages are also correctly displayed.
¡¤ Support OLE Drag&Drop.Mouse operation can be done most movement.
¡¤ Quick security is easy to change security setting. Even the IE engine, it keeps secure situation.
¡¤ Enhancing of Plug-in base, unnecessary function is removable.
¡¤ Installed searchbar which can be used easily. For more efficiently search.
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