Language: English

License: OpenSource / Install / Development

Requires: Win7/XP/2003/Vista

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Release Date: 2010-1-27 9:57:56



Product Description

Tinn-R is a small and simple, yet efficient, replacement for the basic code editor provided by Rgui. Note that, starting from version 1.18.x.x, Tinn-R is not compatible anymore with Rgui in MDI mode (only SDI), nor with S-PLUS!

The specific version (Tinn-R) contains enhancements to allow syntax highlighting of S language (in *.R, *.r, *.Q or *.q files), that is, the language used by the open source statistical software R.

It also pops up additional menu and toolbar when it detects Rgui running on the same computer. These addons interact with the R console and allow to submit code in part or in whole and to control R directly.

Here are some key features of "Tinn-R":

¡¤ The ability to communicate with R (Rgui and Rterm) environment (send instructions, control and receive interpretations)
¡¤ Syntax highlight. Highlighting can be set by file type
¡¤ Create and manage projects
¡¤ Bookmarks: lines and blocks
¡¤ Support to Latex
¡¤ Work with files of unlimited length
¡¤ Work on several documents at the same time. Multiple document interface (MDI) and/or tabbed document interface (TDI)
¡¤ Single document window splitting and window splitting
¡¤ Support to macro (volatile)
¡¤ View file differences with color highlighting
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