Language: English

License: FreeWare / Install / Applications

Requires: Win7/XP/2003/Vista

Size: 6611 KB


Release Date: 2010-3-5 16:34:26



Product Description

Astrotite is a compression and encryption tool, designed to securely store multiple files into a single archive and keep the same hash, as long as the compressed files are the same. It also handles decompression of .RAR (Windows version only), .ZIP, .TAR, .GZ, .BZ2, .TGZ and .TAR.GZ files fast!.

Astrotite is a tool for storage, compression, encryption and secure file hiding. Within a Astrotite file all files are safe and protected by two independent checking data systems.

Astrotite compared with others data compressors, has a high compression ratio, but today is not very important, because the files can be compressed are minimal, as most multimedia formats are compressed (. AVI,. MPG. OGG,. mp3,. JPG,. PNG,. GIF ...), media with increasing storage space and high speed internet, leave the compression to second, moving to security and privacy.

Astrotite is the best choice in a matter of security. Besides of using encryption for the whole archive, you can use an unasked second secret password to protect a bunch of selected files, or even prevent them from being listed. Get Astrotite and take it for a spin to see what it can actually do for you!

NOTE: Astrotite is free for users, but company, organizations, schools, etc... must buy the astrotite license

Here are some key features of "Astrotite 200X":

¡¤ Fast and high compression ratio, even for multimedia formats, with similar or better results than the most of the commercial tools.
¡¤ Allows multi-part compression, splitting in a user defined file size.
¡¤ Each part can be treated individually, giving you the ability of extracting files even if a part is missing.
¡¤ 256-bit AES encryption.
¡¤ The achieved file would have always the same hash for the same files, even when compressed in different computers.*1.
¡¤ Safely hide files, making them undetectable unless the correct password is given.
¡¤ Using the anonymous AstroA2P network you can repair (always that the file was previously uploaded to the network) or share your Astrotite files with ease.
¡¤ English, Spanish and Japanese interface (more will be included in forthcoming updates)
¡¤ Extract from .AST2, .RAR, .ZIP, .TAR, .GZ, .BZ2 and .TAR.GZ files very fast.
¡¤ Allows listing and extracting even if the file is corrupted or incomplete (if there is enough data available). Extracts from incomplete downloaded files.
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