Language: English

License: FreeWare / Portable / Network

Requires: Win7/XP/2003/Vista

Size: 17235 KB


Release Date: 2010-8-16 20:13:28



Product Description

Tixati is a free and easy to use bittorrent client featuring detailed views of all seed, peer, and file transfer properties. Also included are powerful bandwidth charting and throttling capabilities, and a full DHT implementation. In addition, Tixati also features support for magnet links.

Here are some key features of "Tixati":

¡¤ detailed user interface, with views of individual peers, detailed bitfield graphs, and bandwidth usage charting
¡¤ highly flexible bandwidth throttling, including trading/seeding share adjustment and adjustable priority for individual transfers and peers
¡¤ efficient peer choking / unchoking algorithms to ensure fast downloads
¡¤ easy to create and seed new transfers
¡¤ peer, transfer, and system-wide event logging with adjustable detail level and backscroll size
¡¤ move downloaded files to new filesystem location while transfer is in progress, even to different partition
¡¤ full DHT (Distributed Hash Table) implementation including detailed message traffic charting
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