Language: English

License: FreeWare / Install / System

Requires: Win7/XP/2003/Vista

Size: 3672 KB


Release Date: 2010-7-6 20:34:40



Product Description

DupScout is a straight forward application that allows you to detect and remove your duplicate files from your local disks or networked computers and NAS storage devices.

DupScout provides multiple duplicates detection modes, numerous removal and cleanup actions, user-defined profiles and customizable GUI layouts

Here are some key features of "Dup Scout":

¡¤ Maximum Number of Files 100,000
¡¤ Maximum Storage Capacity 1 TB
¡¤ Maximum Number of Profiles 3
¡¤ Support for Long File Names
¡¤ Support for Unicode File Names
¡¤ Support for UNC Network Path Names
¡¤ Option to Delete Duplicate Files
¡¤ Option to Move Duplicates to a Directory
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