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Requires: Win7/XP/2003/Vista

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Product Description

Impro-Visor is a complex music notation program designed to aid musicians in composing and understanding solos. The application enable musicians to improve their understanding of chord changes and solos.

Here are some key features of "Impro-Visor":

¡¤ Lead sheets and solos can be constructed through either point-and-click or using a plain text editor (one is provided, but any editor can be used).
¡¤ Optional automatic note coloration shows whether notes are consonant or dissonant with chords and scales.
¡¤ Harmonic note entry option guides the user to select notes that are consonant with harmony. Similarly, transposition options provide chromatic or harmonic transposition.
¡¤ Solos or solo fragments can be played back immediately on the computer, with automatic rhythm section accompaniment.
¡¤ Can be used for self-study, classroom, or play-along. Any segment of a leadsheet can be played back in looped mode.
¡¤ Users can define new accompaniment styles. There is spreadsheet-like Style Editor, and a Style Extractor facility that helps create styles from MIDI performances. .
¡¤ Solos may be exported as MIDI files, with accompaniment if desired.
¡¤ It is not necessary that the soloist memorize the solos that are created in Impro-Visor. The act of constructing solos is intended to help one get a better understanding of the tune and of solo construction. But one can use some or all of the ideas from pre-constructed solos, as many generations of outstanding players have done.
¡¤ Impro-Visor also provides a way for the user to create and save licks for later use. Lick creation is helpful in understanding how to construct interesting lines over chord changes.
¡¤ When used for transcription, Impro-Visor allows easy ¡°mining¡± of selected licks from a solo for future reference.
¡¤ Impro-Visor includes a powerful lick generation capability. Licks, or entire choruses, can be generated in near-real time just by pressing a button. The generation of licks is controlled by a user-modifiable grammar, so that a range of styles and complexities is possible.
¡¤ Impro-Visor uses menus to help one choose notes, cells, idioms, licks, and quotes for use in constructing a solo.
¡¤ Musical knowledge about chords, scales, licks, etc. are definable by the user or instructor, in the form of a vocabulary text file. These items are defined in a single key, and Impro-Visor will transpose them to any key.
¡¤ Impro-Visor saves solos and other lead sheets as free-form text. We call this leadsheet notation. Although a point-and-click interface is provided, users can optionally enter chords and/or melody in this notation with a standard text editor and have them displayed as a lead sheet in Impro-Visor. The documentation tells how to create and interpret the notation. The notation also provides slash-chords and polychords.
¡¤ Any number of leadsheet windows can be open simultaneously. The user can cut and paste melody and chords from one window to another.
¡¤ The release of Impro-Visor comes with a few leadsheets with melodies, a number of sample solos, transcriptions, and The Imaginary Book: a large set (over 2500) of chords-only lead sheets for standard, jazz, and some pop tunes.


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